SDG Houston is a proven leader in digital marketing strategies. We have over a decade of experience to offer, dedicated to providing our clients unequaled quality, integrity and value, on every service we specialize in.


webbWeb Design/Development

From the simplest blog to the most intricate shopping site, we can get you off and running toward success. We specialize in exciting, creative designs that will get your business noticed even in the crowded plains of the World Wide Web.

New business? We can help you get that first, secure toehold to start climbing to the top, help you create a brand and corporate identity, build your company up into a workable, profitable enterprise. Established business looking for an update or overhaul on your website, or to optimize it for better search rankings, or both? We can do that too. The customized content management systems (CMS) that we provide will take care of all the content management and site updates you’ll need, easily and effectively.

The heart and soul of any business is encouraging your customers to look at, shop for and buy your products or services. We can customize an intuitive shopping cart for your site that you can update yourself as your needs change, and that you can present to your audience as a safe, secure and convenient tool.

Passing notes is bad in school, but very good in business. You want to stay in touch with your customers whenever possible, and we have newsletters, Social Media interactivity for your current customers and mailing lists that will give you access to thousands of prospective clients, too.

No matter what it is you need us to do, we’ll use the most recent programming codes, like CSS3 and HTML5, to keep your site adjustable and strong, across a variety of different platforms. It’s part of our dedication to excellence.


CallOuts2socialOnline and Social Media Marketing

SDG Houston is a known leader in digital marketing, whether through a website-based program or one focused more on social media such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+. One reason we stand out is that we see your customers as people, not demographic numbers. We use their interests, passions, beliefs, and skills to create customer profiles that are actually useful. We combine those profiles with the information we’ve gathered about your website to determine what areas need to be improved or enhanced to create a memorable customer experience for every visitor.

Social media has gained immeasurably in the last few years in the amount of influence and marketing weight. We create a social media profile for your brand consistent with your website so you have a memorable image across multiple internet platforms. This service includes traffic-attracting content and handling visitor feedback. Every brand that hopes to survive, much less thrive must have a solid, attractive, social media presence. SDG Houston will work with you to train you to take the best advantage of the positive impact social media can create for you. One of the best things social media does for businesses is to give a way to interact directly with the customer, and we can teach you how and when to engage.

One of our most popular services is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We combine the three keys to outstanding SEO – keyword search, backlinks and relevant content, all designed to prove to the search engine crawlers that your site deserves truly good ratings. We also keep up with changes in what the search engines want and expect to hand out those good ranking positions.


CallOutsbrandBrand Reputation

Your business – your brand, ultimately are, well, you, at least to the general public. You want them to represent you well. Part of our job is to continually research and analyze your brand’s impact on the market. We look for negative reviews so they can be repaired, and suppress past ones so they get the smallest coverage or, if possible, remove them completely. We provide a detailed report at the end of each billing cycle to pinpoint negative reviews so you can track them, as well as assessing the validity of concerns expressed.

Because we start with the basics and work from the top down, your business will be positioned to bring you the greatest possible benefits from the web, now and for the foreseeable future. Never hesitate to contact us – we are here, ‘round the clock, to provide answers and support. Whatever you need – updated services, a revamp of your system, additional training on any of the features on your website or social media pages, we’re here. We have your back.