Top Four Considerations for Social Media Ready Websites

Customers have become conversational about what they buy thanks to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You’ve probably heard the social media flurry going around; its immense benefits for the business world. Expectedly, many companies have mint millions off social media engagements- from running sales campaigns, setting up contests to promoting products.While we would all love to join the social media bandwagon and celebrate what a gem we found, simply getting a Facebook page doesn’t equal more sales and revenues. Great social media begins with a great website. Unfortunately, it’s not a top priority for many social media marketers as it should be.This article gives you four considerations you must have to make your website social media ready.


socialwidgetSocial media widgets

Social media is driven by need for engagement and interactivity. Many of your customers love to engage on social media because of the immediate interaction social networks mostly promote. Having a social media widget on your website can drive interactions with a more specific web audience. Most of those who visit your website make up most of your current customers and new leads which is more effective than finding most of your fans only from mainstream social media interactions.Integrate widgets for Twitter, Facebook, etc. in a friendly manner to make your website ready for the social media revolution.


contenthubExistence of a content hub

Let’s face it, your home page hardly has content your customers and fans would love to share with their friends. It hardly fits the bill for sharable content. If you want to engage your fans on social media and reap its benefits, you can’t do without a content hub that will make your customers care.While some companies spend time sharing other people’s content on their pages- which is good, they miss out on a lot of customer empathy and connection which leads to improved customer loyalty. The most effective way to boost interactions with your visitors is create a content hub through your business blog. This will not only help you drive traffic to your website, but also help you build interaction and positive signals, including traffic from your social media fans.


visibleVisible icons

Visibility is often one of the least considerations many social media marketers put into consideration, yet it plays a crucial role in successful social media management. The icons you use to drive social media should be visible enough to your visitors. Your website should be designed in such a way that your share and like buttons are prominent enough as not to confuse your visitors.


userfriendlinessUser friendliness

While social media is a hot thing right now, it should never be extolled than other marketing technologies. Don’t overuse social media icons and widgets at the expense of your website’s content. This consideration must be factored in at the design stage of your website. Blend your social media engagement in a visible place on your website so that it’s not missed, but don’t allow it to destruct your visitors from making favorable decisions like buying or reading about your product-service information.


overtoyouOver to you

Social media is a double edge weapon when it’s properly and professionally included in your website design. Making your website social media ready not only allows you to get more fans on your social media pages, but it also makes sure that these customers include you in their conversations. Social media is at the heart of our online marketing and website design strategies. Look at some of the website offerings we’ve successfully helped integrate social media.