processThere’s no escaping the reach and reality of the World Wide Web in today’s world, for both business and personal use. For your business to succeed and grow, you must maintain a presence on the internet. However, just being there isn’t nearly enough. Your site has to be attractive, interesting, and measurably effective in providing what your clientele wants, and it has to be able to change quickly to keep up with the ever-changing, shifting online world. A static, boring site is almost worse than no site at all. As humorist Will Rogers said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

There are so many variables involved that cannot be omitted or forgotten, that the whole process can be very daunting, especially if you don’t have a lot of web experience. It’s so easy to make a mistake that causes harm, taking your reputation down instead of enhancing it. You have to consider the goals of your business, the focus of your website, your target audience and their expectations. You want them to enjoy visiting, come back often, and cheerlead for you to their friends and acquaintances.

What makes it all possible is choosing a partner that knows websites, a partner like SDG Houston. From start to finish, we offer extensive experience and broad knowledge on all aspects of web creation and optimization, as well as on tracking, analyzing and follow-up. As a result, you not only get great results, but you have the statistics to prove it! Even better, your site will be fully upgradable as future technology makes it necessary.

Our process has five stages:



We start by talking to you, of course! We’ll look at your specific requirements, what you want and what you need, what functionality will be needed, who is your customer and what does your business do, exactly. We dig into your experience to see what you think your website needs to look like, based on what you know your customer expects and needs from you. We also want your take on the marketplace in which you do business, and what platforms you want to include. Then, we can begin to create a profile of options and services for the present and the future. We also understand that your website must be seamlessly integrated with your current practice if you are to thrive. To ensure this, we seek both input from you and data from our own research to get all we need to customize your website to match the rest of your business and your philosophy.

We also prepare to succeed; matching your needs to the information we’ve researched and analyzed to guarantee that you get the best product. We also research your competitor’s sites, so you have unsurpassed relevance in the overall marketplace. All this preparation ensures you have a unique site, tailored exclusively to you and your business and eliminating anything that does not or will not work for you. Also included in the process is an in-depth content analysis, the aim of which is to create a streamlined, yet information-rich web environment that informs, but doesn’t confuse, visitors. We keep you solidly in the loop on what we think will and will not work for you, and clarify your wants and needs, so you’re as involved and informed as you need to be.



This is one of the fun parts, where we sit down with you and together we decide what your website will feel like and look like, what you want included and what you want removed. SDG Houston and you will always be working in harmony, like a fine engine getting you where you want to go, together. This is the stage where we align form and function, choosing the features that will best match your goals for what the site should do. These are important decisions and choices, determining the underlying structure of your client’s experience with your site. We’ll streamline, jettisoning any fluff and beefing up your content. Graphics and images will enhance the site experience rather than distract from it and will, of course, follow your artistic style preferences.



Now you get a break and let us do all the work. We have the expert personnel to create your website – write the codes, insert all the tags and links, and make the whole thing flow for you. We create the site map as we go, to make sure navigation and maintenance are smooth and trouble-free. How much support is built-in varies, depending upon the size and type of the site, but on-line contact forms, check out pages, live chat, are all possible. Here is where your ideas meet the screen, and the whole thing is going to be unique from and more awesome than your competitors’ sites. We also test it thoroughly to eliminate any bugs.

Then we prepare you for your future use of the site by demonstrating how it all works, answering any questions, and then making any changes you want. We want to be sure you thoroughly understand your site.



This is it! Everything we’ve done so far as led to this moment, when your site is live to the public for the first time. SDG Houston will monitor this event, to immediately eliminate any catches or problems. We test repeatedly to prevent problems, but we still have a plan in place, just in case. It’s also the perfect time for you to ask any questions you may not have thought of in the previous stages.



SDG Houston doesn’t pack up and go home after your web site launches. Maintenance after the launch is essential, an integral part of the service we offer. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to all maintenance and updating your site needs, and to make the best use of your traffic and logistic tracking information. Tracking has evolved from the early “hit counters” to an absolute array of ways to analyze all the activity on your site. With those tracking tools, you can adjust quickly to changes in technology or social habits, keeping customers coming back.

In summary, building, launching and managing an effective, high-ranking website is a process, not a project. To make that process work will require your dedication combined with our expertise. Your part of the bargain is to communicate, openly and honestly, and trust us to be looking out for your best interest in your business. Our part of the deal is to use our experience, knowledge and ethics to benefit your business. Together, we can reach all your goals.